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The Villa Grébovka was built as a summer residence for the industrialist Moritz Gröbe in 1871–1874. The house stands majestically on top of one of Prague’s historic royal vineyards in the beautiful Havlíčkovy Sady park in Prague 2. The Villa was built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, popular in Czech lands in the 1860s and 1870s. Today, it serves as the headquarters of the CEELI Institute and is available for rentals. It annually hosts over 75 conferences, seminars, receptions, concerts, and other events.

History of the Villa Grébovka

The Villa Grébovka (Villa Gröbovka) was built in the early 1870s as the summer home of Moritz Gröbe, a wealthy and well-known 19th-century industrialist who made his fortune in mining and railroads. The site was then on the southern outskirts of Prague. Since the time of Hapsburg Emperor Charles IV, the land on which Villa Grébovka now stands, in the Prague neighborhood of Vinohrady, has been the site of vineyards, fields, pastures, and gardens.

1871: The Foundation Stone of the Villa Grébovka is Laid.

The Villa Grébovka is built as the summer home of Moritz Gröbe, a wealthy and well-known industrialist with interests in mining and railroads.

1891: Moritz Gröbe Passes Away

Moritz Gröbe passes away and his family rents out the Villa. One of its famous tenants was Elisabeth Marie of Austria, the granddaughter of Franz Josef, Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

1905: The Park Opens to the Public

The estate is sold to the local municipality and the park opens to the public in 1906.

1940-1945: Nazi Occupation

The building is occupied by the Nazis and used in part for youth activities. It was subsequently damaged in the Allied air raid of February 14, 1945.

1948–1989: Communist Era

During the communist era, the Villa served as a Palace for the Young Pioneers, the University of Forestry, and even a ballet studio. The villa fell into disrepair from the lack of upkeep throughout the communist period and early transitional years in Czechoslovakia.

1999: Public Tender to Renovate the Villa

The city of Prague issues a public tender asking for proposals for a rejuvenation project that would revitalize the Villa Grébovka to its original splendor after decades of vandalism and neglect.

2000: The CEELI Institute Leases the Villa Grébovka

The Villa Grébovka is offered by the municipality of Prague 2 to the newly established CEELI Institute, which will turn the property into a residential training center for legal professionals from across Central and Eastern Europe. The renovation project required substantial funding which was initiated by a generous grant provided by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

2007: Public Dedication of the Villa after Full Renovation

On June 8th, former Czech President Vaclav Havel and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor join CEELI Institute Founder Homer Moyer to publicly dedicate the Villa Grébovka as the headquarters of the CEELI Institute. Today it continues to serve as the headquarters of the CEELI Institute and hosts numerous conferences, seminars, and many other interesting events throughout the year.

The home of the CEELI Institute

The CEELI Institute is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the rule of law. The CEELI Institute has leased the Villa from the city of Prague 2 for 25 years and, in return, renovated the building back to its original splendor. Renovations were completed in 2008. The renovations were made possible with a seed grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development and key financial support from individuals and corporations. The architectural husband and wife team, Michal Hron and Hedvika Hronová, skillfully implemented the renovations, and SKANSKA, Czech Republic, served as general contractor.

The Villa’s amenities include

The Villa Grébovka offers spaces for seminars, conferences, concerts, and other social or professional events. It also offers residential space to accommodate up to 44 guests.

  • 3 large classrooms/seminar rooms that can each accommodate up to 60 people in classroom format and 100 people in theatre format.

  • 7 breakout/seminar rooms for up to 25 people each.

  • Residential space for up to 44 guests (6 double rooms and 32 single rooms.)

  • Fitness center

  • Library and reading room.

  • Office space.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi throughout the building.

  • Outdoor terraces with spectacular views over Prague.

  • Dining room.

  • Fully equipped industrial kitchen.

Hosted at Villa Grébovka

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